Meditech Dianabol is basically a reputed brand of oral steroids and is sold as tablets of 10mg. It is one of the widely accepted anabolic androgenic steroids amongst both amateur and professional athletes. It is probably one of the most common non-medical steroids that are administered orally. In India, it is one of the popular steroids that most bodybuilders count on. In this country, the steroid laws are relaxed to some extent in almost all parts. But in most parts of the world, the drug is considered illegal and you can even be put behind the bars for purchasing or possessing it.

Review on Meditech Dianabol

Meditech Dianabol is not the first brand of Methandienone or Dianabol. Most synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids were discovered way back in the 1930s for treating various medical conditions. Particularly, this steroid was synthesized in the year 1956 in Basel, Switzerland and marketed by CIBA (Swiss) as Dianabol in 1958. It is basically derived from testosterone. Like every other steroid, even Methandienone has associated side effects and hence the product of CIBA was withdrawn in the year 1983. Outside the US and the UK, Dianabol is still produced in many labs and marketed under various names. In India, it is sold under the brand Meditech and before you go for it, you should have a clear knowledge about the prices of Meditech steroids in India. This article will give you a fair idea about the same.

Where to buy from

Once you get to know that purchase of Dianabol is legalized in India, the next question that would popup in your mind is, where to acquire it from. In India, purchase of steroid is a simple process neither does it require any valid prescription nor a visit to any doctor recommending the drug. You can easily walk down to any regular pharmacy and acquire the same, but this is not a very safe option when we talk about your health. In other countries, the ban has been imposed on the drug considering the danger it can cause to our health. But even in India, the availability varies from place to place. Some places you will get it easily, while in the rest of the parts it may be quite tough to find. Another question that might strike your mind is, is it possible to buy it online from India and ship it across to the US or any other overseas country? It basically depends on the type of the drug. If you opt for the legal alternative in case of Dianabol i.e. Dbal then you can easily ship it anywhere in the world without any legal constraints. But in case of regular Dianabol, it is not possible.

The price in India

Now that you know where to acquire the drug from, the next question in your mind would be, in India what the price of Meditech Dianabol is. Depending on the quality, the price varies. In India, you will widely come across a starter pack. This dosage is normally preferred by most bodybuilders over an average period of time. The prices of Meditech steroids in India are generally around 45 dollars for a pack of hundred tablets.

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