Many people have started their career in the field of body building these days and many young men and women are using short cuts to achieve the body type. While diet supplementation is required along with some anabolic steroidal drugs, their side effects are to be taken into consideration and avoided by using them in correct dose and schedule.

A wide range of anabolic steroids are available in the market for the bodybuilders to choose from. Winstrol (Stanozolol) is an anabolic steroid and a derivative of dehydrotestosterone. It surpasses the first pass metabolism of the liver so it can be given as tablets for oral consumption though it is also available in injectable form.

When to make it a part of your regime?

This drug is best taken in the cutting phase of the body building regime and is most effective in the elimination of the last flab’s of fat left on the body reducing the fat and increasing the lean muscle mass.

 How much and why?

Knowing the biochemistry of the product, it is advised to be taken in lower doses in the beginning and gradually increasing the dose. The maximum dosage recommendation for males is 50mg per day and 20mg for females. It increases the testosterone in the body and can lead to female sterility if used in higher doses by women manifested as increase in the size of the clitoris, voice quality changes and increase in body hair. 

Safe regime

Winstrol is found to be most effective when used with some other steroids but the winstrol only cycles have also proved to be beneficial for cutting the fat.

Females: 10mg a day maybe in divided doses for 6 weeks is recommended and the dosage can be increased up to 20mg. females take Winstrol pills.

For male body builders, 50mg a day for 7-8 weeks is recommended and men mostly prefer the injectable forms with a half life of 24 hours. Increasing a dose more than this to 100mg has been seen 14 days before the competition as performance enhancers but this increase in dose may lead to severe cramps and even worsening of performance as a result of joint pains and severe muscle cramps. 

Word of caution

Winstrol abuse is a serious illegal act of performance enhancement by the athletes. It has been banned by International Association of Athletics Federation and many other sports authorities. There are confirmatory urine tests for the drug which shows positive results for 10 days after taking a single dose.

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