Dianabol is sold in the market in the name of Dianabol Blue Heart and is very well appreciated by its users for its effectiveness and producing fast results. Usually when people start their steroid cycle most of them prefer to start with Dianabol cycle. Its result however may vary depending upon what dose you use. By taking higher dosage, you may increase the chances of side effects like breast enlargement or hair loss etc. However, with too low dose you may not find any visible results. However, if you take correct dosage then the result can be really visible and amazing too.

How to take Dianabol?

Dianabol gives amazing results and the results can be further enhanced if it is stacked with some other steroids too. How much dosage you should take will depend upon your previous encounter with various steroids, your present health condition and how much gain are you targeting. If you are a first-time user then you must start with 25 mg a day. If you are taking blue heart pills then you can take 3 pills a day, as each pill is of 10 mg. However, you should not exceed beyond 50 mg in a day as it can create unnecessary complications.

How to maintain its cycle

Those who are smart users of steroids never face any kind of adverse side effects. Dianabol blue heart must be taken in proper cycle to get right effect. Since this steroid is little toxic to our liver, you must be very careful about its cycle.

Typically, each cycle should be about 2 months period and within this period you will be able to see amazing transformation of your body. After that there should be post cycle therapy for 4 weeks. Post cycle therapy is meant for brining your hormone to normal level.

In the beginning, it is preferable to carry on with Dianabol only cycle. Though rarely people do this cycle but results can be seen with this cycle too.

In next level when you have gained sufficient experience with steroids you can opt for stacking with any testosterone to get best results from Dianabol cycle. During this period, your natural production of testosterone gets suppressed and when external hormone is fed into your body then it produces wonderful results.

During this cycle, you can observe your gain, which will be clearly visible within a couple of months.

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