Facial treatments are done for several reasons like eliminating horrible blackheads, look youthful, feel pampered, or keep away wrinkles.

Facial cleans promotes well-hydrated complexion, making your skin glow and look young. Facial works better, if it is a regular part of your skin care program. Meilleur forfait spa includes body treatment and massage followed by a facial.

Body treatment is similar to facial, cleanse, exfoliate, and skin hydration. This is a wellness process good for whole body skin, especially helpful in winter because flaky and dry skin gets well-moisturised.

What is body scrub?

Exfoliating process

Body scrub is also called body polish, sea-salt or salt glow scrub. It is a whole body exfoliating treatment conducted on a massage table covered with sheet and plastic. You need to lie down on your stomach.

The therapist will rub sea salt mix, aromatics and oil on your skin. This will eliminate the dead cells. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for this rubbing process. You will need to shower without soap. Body scrub before massage is good.

Detoxification process

After salt rinsing body wrap and mask takes place. On the massage table, you will need to lie down, where the therapist will slather algae, seaweed or mud and wrap a thermal blanket around. It is a detoxifying treatment, which kindles your metabolic system and speeds its ability to eliminate toxins.

Sometimes, after the scrub hydrating lotion is applied, so it is called hydrating treatment. After body treatment take a good shower with soap, rub body gently with loofa to remove lotion remains or dead skin.

What to expect in a facial?

Preparing & skin analysis

The upper part of your body will be wrapped with a towel. Even your hair gets wrapped in a towel or with a headband to keep creams off it. The therapist will check your skin under bright lamp to determine skin type [normal, sensitive, oily, or dry] and skin condition [aging, whiteheads, dehydration, blackheads, sun damage, etc.] Appropriate treatments and products are chosen with your approval.


A thin warm steam vapor is directed at your face. It relaxes and softens the white or blackheads, which get extracted, steam may not be used, if your skin is sensitive.

Exfoliation – Done with steam

During steam mechanical exfoliant with gritty texture is used to rub the dead skin cells on the surface. Chemical exfoliant using acids and enzymes help to loosen skin cells.


White or blackheads are removed but ensure that the therapist is trained because this process can cause discoloration due to damage of capillaries, if done improperly.


Classic strokes help to stimulate and relax facial muscles and skin.

Facial mask is targeted towards your skin type and condition. This is followed with moisturizers, serums, toners and if it is daytime sunscreen.

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